Aircraft - Aircraft snow and ice control fluid

Product Name

ADF-Anti-/De-icing Fluid (Aircraft De-icing Fluid)

Airplanes cannot take off from the ground without sufficient lift if there is ice or snow on the wings.
Therefore, it is necessary to remove ice and snow from the aircraft before takeoff.
In the past, accidents have occurred due to insufficient snow removal.
In recent years, the importance of pre-takeoff snow removal for aircraft has been recognized once again, and the demand for snow and ice control fluids for aircraft has increased even more.
Japan is a particularly snowy country.
Aircraft cannot operate in winter without snow and ice control fluids.
Kanto Chemical Industry manufactures and sells anti-icing fluid for aircraft developed by Kilfrost in the UK.
Established in 1930, Kilfrost is a pioneer in the field of aircraft deicing fluids and a world leader in supplying highly reliable and innovative products.
Through the manufacture and sale of ADF to domestic and international airline companies, including Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Skymark, as well as to ground service companies that perform snow removal operations at airports, we help ensure safe aircraft operations during the winter season.


Product Features

Zeroing out the arduous task of snow removal.

ADFs can be used to keep snow and ice from sticking to the fuselage and wings, allowing the aircraft to take off safely without the need for harsh, manual snow removal operations.

Product Overview

TYPE Ⅰ:Excluding snow on the fuselage

During the winter, aircraft are exposed to the harsh conditions of snowfall, depending on the region.
Snow, ice, frost, and other debris can stick to the aircraft.
Depending on the quality of the snow and other factors, the aircraft can be blown off by de-icing blow (compressed air) when the temperature is low.
However, wet snow and ice cannot be removed by blowing alone.
Therefore, TYPE I (De-icing Fluid) is sprayed to remove snow and ice and return the aircraft to a clean state.

TYPE IV:Prevents new icing

After spraying TYPE I, the aircraft must be prevented from getting snow or ice again.
This is where TYPE IV (Anti-icing Fluid) comes in.
After spraying, a layer of anti-icing fluid is formed on the surface of the aircraft, which melts the newly accumulated snow.
This fluid has the property of flowing down from the aircraft as it glides during takeoff.
TYPE IV has a defined holdover time (the time that the effect lasts) immediately after spraying begins.
The Kilfrost brand TYPE IV that we manufacture has a long holdover time and excellent performance, so it is used by many airlines internationally.

Image of use

For runways/airports/general roads

Product Name

Runway De-icer

World's Lowest Environmental Impact and Highest Level of Functionality
Anti-freeze agents are now attracting attention not only for their functionality, but also for their environmental friendliness. The increasing environmental impact of the water bodies into which anti-freeze agents flow is a social issue that must be resolved in the future. Eastman's anti-freeze products sold by our company have the lowest environmental impact of any products distributed in the world.

Product Features

Low environmental impact

The low environmental impact of the product contributes to the realization of an eco-airport: it has been awarded the Blaue Engel ("Blue Angel") ecolabel) and has a very low impact on the acid environment.

Extensive supply record

Eastman's Clearway brand products are recognized as one of the market leaders in the EU for runway anti-freeze and are widely supplied to both private and public sector customers.

Product Lineup

There are "liquid" and "solid" products developed based on formic and acetic acids, which are widely used worldwide.

AMS compliant

AMS compliant and recognized for its extremely low impact on aircraft and airport equipment, allowing for worry-free use.

Product Overview

Eastman Chemical Company

Starting in 2019, Kanto Chemical Industry is acting as the Japanese distributor of Eastman Chemical Company's ground (runway) snow-melting agents.
Eastman Chemical Company's products boast the top market share in the EU, ahead of many other manufacturers supplying Japan.
Our products have a very low environmental impact and are highly regarded in the market from the viewpoint of sustainability.
All of our products are compliant with international standards (SAE/AMS) and can be used in the aviation field (runways and ramp areas in airports, etc.).

Type Product Base Compatible Standards Packing Dangerous Goods Classification
Liquid Clearway®️F1 Potassium Formate AMSS1435 IBC(1,000L)
Not applicable
Clearway®️1 Potassium Acetate
Solid Clearway®️SF3 Potassium Formate AMSS1431 BAG(1,000kg,500kg,25kg)
Clearway®️6S Sodium Acetate

Toward the Realization of an "Eco-Airport

We aim to contribute to "safe and smooth airport operations" and "realization of eco-airports" by taking advantage of the excellent environmental adaptability and ice-melting/anti-icing effects of our products.
Eco-Airport: An airport that has taken measures to promote environmental conservation and the creation of a favorable environment at the airport and in the surrounding area.

Type Product pH BOD*1 COD*2 Bulk Density
Fluid Clearway®️F1 10.5~11.5 90mg02/g 110mg02/g 1.33 - 1.35g/㎠(20℃)
Clearway®️1 10.5~11.5 210mg02/g 330mg02/g 1.25 - 1.30g/㎠(20℃)
Clearway®️3 10.5~11.5 250mg02/g 320mg02/g 1.25 - 1.30g/㎠(20℃)
Solid Clearway®️SF3 8.0~11.0 100mg02/g 210mg02/g 800-900kg/m2
Clearway®️6S 8.0~11.0 320mg02/g 561mg02/g 600-700kg/m2

1BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)...Biochemical oxygen demand. It is the amount of oxygen required by microorganisms to oxidize and decompose the amount of organic matter in water. It is one of the indicators of water quality.
2COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)...Chemical oxygen demand. It indicates the amount of oxygen required to oxidize non-oxidized substances in water. One of the water quality indicators.

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