Washing material

Household Powder Detergents, etc.

Product Features

Washing of dishes and inside of the cabinet

It is recommended for those who use the washer at a high frequency. Because it contains ingredients that not only clean stubborn grease and tea stains, but also clean the inside of the washer at the same time.


Dishwasher for home use


Powder detergent for professional use, etc.

Product Features

Detergent with excellent cleaning power and cost performance

We are a contract manufacturer of detergents for restaurant dishwashers and fryers for convenience stores. We have experience in filling phosphorus-free, highly alkaline, and bleach-containing powder detergents. We can also manufacture powder products other than detergents.


Dishwashers for restaurants and other eating establishments

Fryer equipment for convenience stores

Restaurant kitchen

Packaging Form

Fibre drum

Containers (bottles, etc.)


Liquid detergents and cleaning solutions for professional use, etc.

Product Features

Disinfection & Cleaning

We and our affiliated partner factories provide filling and manufacturing services for a wide range of liquid products (alcohol, acidic, alkaline, chlorinated, etc.) from 350mL to 5L.


Hand sanitizer near entrances to restaurants, department stores, etc.


Cutting boards, cooking utensils, and other kitchen utensils

Packaging Form


Bag in box

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