Quality control

Powder/liquid products (OEM)

In addition to meeting the needs of each client company, we are promoting quality control suitable for each product by adding stricter control and test items.

There are a wide variety of test items, and various inspections based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), other specified inspection items such as chelate values, effective chlorine, alkalinity tests, sodium percarbonate quantitative tests, and effective oxygen content are performed precisely every day. We carry out accurate inspections.

Protective film seal peel

In order for our products to exhibit a certain level of performance, we conduct thorough raw material acceptance, manufacturing, and pre-shipment inspections. Regarding the results of the pre-shipment inspection, we can also submit a test report upon request from the customer.


This product is a very important product for aircraft that may affect human life. Based on international standards, our company conducts strict quality control from manufacturing to use. Products are inspected during manufacturing, after completion, and before shipment, and only after confirming that they conform to the specified specifications are supplied to customers. Confirmed by In addition, the equipment used for quality inspection is calibrated periodically to ensure the measurement accuracy.